• Photos are a great way to capture those special moments in your life. I have a strong love and passion for photography and I cater to those wanting newborn baby, maternity or children photography in Perth. I am an award winning portrait photographer and an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography AIPP.

    I love creating memories with clients to ensure they are left with images they will treasure for years to come. I enjoy capturing unique images for all of my customers and am thrilled to have return clients. Perth families are graced with amazing locations which is why I work both out of my studio in Ocean Reef and on-location.

    While my main focus is on portraits, I do take on other projects as well. Simply let me know what you are after and I will be happy to accommodate.

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Paige’s 6 months shoot | Perth baby photography

Meet Paige! She is adorable, isnt she?

Her parents are super smart and therefor they had purchased the ‘first year package’ before Paige was born, which means I got to do her newborn shoot, which you can see here, and now her 6 months shoot and I will see her again when she turns 1!

We went to Kings Park on this beautiful spring day and here is a little preview from the shoot.

Sarah Bathern - This shoot makes me desperate to have a session with my 1 year old before she grows any more, truly beautiful photos & she looks like a special little lady :) x

Kobie, Olivia, Hayley and Blake in Hyde Park | Perth family photography

This is not the first time I photograph this family and it probably wont be the last:)

I see these kids almost every day and I adore them but the thought of getting three kids to sit still, listen, look at the camera AND act like them selves…Well, ha, I’m pleased to say it was a breeze! They really wanted to create some beautiful photos for their Dad who couldn’t be at the shoot.

As I was editing I noticed how this is so true to them. Olivia is the eldest and a super good, smiley and happy girl and she is so poised. Hayley is a bit of a cheeky monkey and has a little twinkle in her eye and of course needed a fairy photo. She is going to give her parents a run for their money in her teens. And then there is Blake. He is just so so so yummy. Those big blue eyes, creamy skin and that soft smile. He loves cuddling his mum and he was quite happy to pose for me:)

Hyde Park in spring didn’t disappoint either. Beautiful full colours and lots of space.

Enjoy your (long) preview, Kobie and family.

Baby Luca 5 days old | Perth Newborn Baby photography

Meet Luca. She is absolutely gorgeous and so so squishy. She behaved like a superstar for her photo shoot and proved that she already has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Luca has 3 older brothers and I think its safe to say that she will be a very well protected little girl.

Enjoy your sneak peek, Luca and family.


Visit from home | Perth Family Photography

If you follow me on Facebook (which of course you do, but if you don’t follow this link ) you will know that I have recently had one of my oldest friends visit me from Denmark.

When you move to the other side of the world, you say goodbye to lots of friends. Sadly, you wont see all of them again. This, I know and accept. My only communication with most of my old friends are via Facebook and Skype, but you don’t really get to know their kids or really talk that way so it was amazing to spend a whole week giggling over old memories (drunken nights) and catching up after 3 years of not seeing each other.  We had such a great time and her family is ace! Her little girl is a carbon copy of her and her son is just like his dad. This you cant tell over a Skype call:)

It was fun photographing friends but I had to dig deep to remember my danish ‘children’s photo shoot talk’ again!

Here is a little preview